What is Wellness? 

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Each week, we'll highlight a wellness aspect and host a variety of activities and/or events for you to participate in to learn more about what that aspect means and how it can be incorporated easily into your life. Wellness is supposed to enhance your life, not create additional burdens. 

Your goal is to complete at least one (1) wellness activity each week from those listed below. When you complete one (1) activity during a Wellness Week, you "complete" that week. How many total weeks you complete, determines how many OC All In Points you earn! 


All In Points Allocation
  • Complete 1 - 2 Weeks - 200 Points
  • Complete 3 - 5 Weeks - 400 Points
  • Complete 6 - 7 Weeks - 600 Points

 *Points are not cummulative. 600 OC All In Points is the maximum you are able to earn. 

 *To receive credit for your OC All In Points, you must log your completed activity via the OC All In section of the OC App or online at www.Odessa.edu/AllIn.  


What is Wellness? Lunch and Learn

Join us as Jon Staton helps us understand what wellness really means. What does it encompass, why should we be conscious of it, and why is it important to our overall health and well-being? Light refreshments and fruit will be available. 

Friday, October 25th - 10:00AM - SCC Zant Community Room West


Wellness Weeks