Our Facilities

The OC Sports Center is a 110,000 sqft multi-level fitness and recreation facility for the Odessa College campus and Permian Basin community at large. Housed within is everything you need to meet your fitness and recreation needs! 

Most spaces within the facility, incuding the Tennis Complex and Outdoor Track and Field, are available to rent for large scale events, tournaments, birthday parties, conferences and more. 

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  • Heated Indoor Pool with Water Slide

  • Indoor Track 

  • ICA Community Gym (2 Basketball/Volleyball Courts)

  • Outdoor Track and Field

  • Varsity Basketball/Volleyball Arena

  • Men's and Women's General Locker Rooms (Locker Rental Available)

  • Cardio Fitness Center

  • Faculty/Staff Locker Rooms

  • ICA Weight Room

  • Officials Locker Room

  • Athletics Weight Room

  • Racquetball Courts (4)

  • Aerobic/Dance Studio

  • Tennis Courts (4)

  • Wrangler Room

  • Classrooms (2)




May 10th

Indoor Pool - Pool will be closed as we host the Engineering Department's Cardboard Boat Competition between 2:00PM - 4:30PM.

May 11th - 22nd

Men's and Women's General Locker Rooms AND Faculty/Staff Locker Rooms - All four locker rooms will be closed as we remove the current lockers and install new lockers in their place. There will be no locker room facilities available during this time. Members may use the lobby and 2nd floor restrooms for changing clothes. There will be no showers available during this time.  Members currently renting a locker will need to have all locker items and lock removed from their locker no later than 8:00PM on Wednesday, May 10th. Any items/locks still remaining inside a locker will have the lock cut and items removed. Odessa College and it's employees are not responsible for replacing cut locks and/or any lost or stolen items. Once the newly installed lockers have been numbered, we will begin contacting members with rented lockers to to assign new locker numbers. 

May 11th - 22nd

Indoor Pool - Pool will be closed in conjunction with the locker removal/installation project.  

May 23rd 

Indoor Pool - Pool will be closed for a private pool party from 5:00PM - 7:00PM.  



Facility Rental

For more information on specific rental rates and the reservation process, please contact the Facilities Contacts Office.

Lionel Loya    432-335-6753    lloya@odessa.edu
Jan Hewitt 432-335-6754 jhewitt@odessa.edu


Rental Rates

two hours   

half day   

full day

Main Gym

$250 • $300    $450  $550    $850  $1000

ICA Community Gym (2 Courts)

$200 • $250    $350  $450    $650  $800

Indoor Pool and Water Slide

$200 • $250    $350  $450    $650  $800


  $75 • $100    $125  $200    $225  $300

Outdoor Track and Field
(Charge applies if field is exclusive and reserved)                        

$100 • $150    $200  $350    $400  $625


     Mon-Thurs  Fri-Sun