Fitness Events

Join in the fun of these upcoming events at the OC Sports Center!

The Next Step Fitness Challenge

Sunday, Feb. 5th - Saturday, March 4th

Open to all OC Students, Faculty, Staff and Sports Center Members


Who else out there has a hard time getting their 10,000 steps in every day?! You're not alone! We thought we'd make it fun to work towards that goal with The Next Step Challenge!

It's FREE to join in and you could even win prizes!

How It Works: 

1 - Register Online!

2 - Select your activity level:

      Sedentary (Avg 2,000 or less steps/day)

      Moderate (Avg 5,000 steps per day)

      Active (Avg 10,000 or more steps/day)

3 - Step your way to hitting your Daily Step Goal every day of the challenge! 

      Sedentary - 3,500 Daily Step Goal

      Moderate - 7,500 Daily Step Goal

      Active - 14,000 Daily Step Goal

4 - Log Your Daily Step Totals in your personal Challenge account online or through the OC App! 

The OC App is avaialble to download for both Apple and Android devices.


      Hit your Daily Step Goal 5 days out of 7 each week and get entered into a Weekly Prize Drawing!

      Hit your Daily Step Goal 21 days out of the 28 day Challenge and Win your own Challenge T-Shirt!

Challenge Rules:  

Participants must use a Step Counter (IE: pedometer, Apple Health App, FitBit, Jawbone, etc...) to count steps thoughout the challenge. Estimated step totals are not allowed.

In order to count towards the challenge, daily step totals have to be logged into the participant's personal Challenge account. Participants have until midnight of each Saturday to log that week's step totals.

To be eligible for the Weekly Prize Drawings, a participant must meet their Daily Step Goal a minimum of 5 days out of the current week. To receive a Challenge T-Shirt, participants must meet their Daily Step Goal a minimum of 21 days throughout the Challenge.

One registration per Odessa College or Sports Center ID number.



Ready to be pushed to the limit?! Indoors, outdoors, running, jumping, tire flipping, swimming and more! Everything’s on the table to get you sweating and in the best shape possible! And we’re kicking it off with a Boot Camp Obstacle Course Challenge because that’s how we roll.

Pre and Post fitness assessments included. Must be at least 16 years to register. 

March 7th - April 27th

8 Week Camp

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00PM-7:00PM


Class size is limited.

Click Here to Register Online

For more information, contact Esther Avila @



Free Community Fitness Class Offerings

Outdoor Yoga Classes

EVERY SATURDAY at 8:00AM at the OC Commons Amphitheater (located behind the Saulsbury Campus Center)

Please Note - Class will be held in Studio 211 inside OC Sports Center during winter months

Ector County Physical Activity Coalition Classes

9:30AM at the OC Sports Center

Spring 2017 Dates Coming Soon!

For More Info on the ECPAC, visit